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COVID-19 is a reportable disease and must be reported to the Kentucky Department for Public Health within 24 hours after you receive the lab report. 

You may use the EPID-200 form (mark other and write in COVID19).  The link to reporting forms is located at the bottom of this page.  

The Franklin County Health Department (FCHD) daily investigates cases of communicable diseases such as influenza, food-borne illness, pertussis, hepatitis, tuberculosis, and sexually transmitted infections, per 902 KAR 2:020.

FCHD communicates this information to the Kentucky Department for Public Health, surveillance sites, and community partners, facilitating collaborative efforts to monitor the health status of Franklin County. This data also aids public and private health officials in educating patients and clients, planning staff training on timely disease topics, and preparing for and responding to disease outbreaks.  

Health professionals that are reporting diseases to the Franklin County Health Department can find the appropriate and required forms listed in the link below.  Upon completion please fax the forms to (502)564-9640.  If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance in reporting please contact our office at (502)564-7647, option 1, and ask for the Charge Nurse.  

Kentucky Reportable Disease Form (EPID 200)

KY Reportable Disease Form -EPID-250

Table of Reportable Diseases in Kentucky