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Please know that this page will be updated with the 2023 Criteria in December 2022.

LivingWell Program Updates
• The LivingWell Program will be administered by WebMD Health Services in 2022
• There will be a new portal and app! Everyone will need to register for a new account on or after January 4, 2022 at
• Points will not rollover!
• The My StayWell App is no longer functioning

LivingWell Promise 
• January 1- July 1, 2022
• Online Health Assessment (WebMD One Portal) or  biometric screening
• Monthly premium incentive in 2022, up to $480/year ($40/ month)
• Only the planholder needs to complete or both spouses if on a cross-reference plan

LivingWell Engagement Activities
• January 1- December 31, 2022
• Well-being activities submitted through WebMD One Portal aimed to encourage healthy behaviors
• Earn up to $200, which can be used for a variety of gift cards and merchandise
• Planholders are eligible to participate



LivingWell Program ID System 
• No ID Card/ Separate ID number

Eligible to receive a biometric screening:

  • All active KEHP planholders and spouses on a cross-reference plan
  • Spouses are eligible for biometric screening
  • Effective date- The first day of the second month following hire date
  • If someone was hired in March, their effective date to receive a screening would be after May 1
  • Eligible participants are allowed ONE screening in 2022

NOT Eligible to receive a biometric screening:

  • Retirees on Medicare
  • Employees who waive KEHP coverage (waivers)



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