Franklin County Health Department

Public Health Saves Lives

The Tobacco Use Cessation and Prevention Program aim is to improve public health by:

  • Preventing youth from starting to use tobacco
  • Encouraging people to stop using tobacco
  • Protecting our families, friends, and community from the dangers of secondhand smoke
  • Working with community leaders to encourage ways to protect the community from the hazards of tobacco use 

Tobacco Cessation Support and Education Classes

Quitting isn’t easy and we’re offering several options to help you along the way.  

The Freedom From Smoking Program is a REALISTIC and REASONABLE method to stop smoking!  The Program utilizes nicotine replacement therapy in the form of nicotine patches or other prescription medications to minimize nicotine withdrawal. 

Clean Indoor Air Ordinance

Secondhand smoke is a health hazard to everyone.  The Frankfort City Commissioners Office approved a Clean Indoor Air ordinance on July 24, 2006.  This ordinance provides a smoke free environment in most public buildings including but not limited to restaurants, bars, gas stations, banks, hotel lobbies and hallways, convenience stores, bingo parlors, pool halls, and bowling alleys.

Business Implementation Kit


A kit of materials to help businesses implement the Smoke Free Ordinance is available as by calling (502) 564-5559.  


For information on the specific content of the ordinance, questions regarding enforcement or to report a violation, please contact City Hall at (502) 875-8582. 

Updated: Sept 27, 2022