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Plans Process and Review

The Franklin County Health Department requires the submittal of plans only on facilities that we REGULATE such as:

Food Concession Stands
Vending machines
Retail Food establishments
Bed and Breakfasts
Retail Markets
Nursing Homes
Mobile Food Units
Produce Stands
Farmers Markets
Food processing or storage establishment
Salvage food operations
Frozen food lockers


food manufacturing and warehouses
Day-cares with food service
Boarding homes
Schools- Public and Private
Mobile Home Parks/RV parks/Campgrounds
Ear piercing studios
Tattoo studios
Body piercing studios
State-Owned Confinement Facilities
Youth Camps
Swimming pools and spas
Beach Areas
Public Buildings- Recreational Facilities and Package Treatment Plants


Step 1 Determine if your facility is regulated, from the list above
Step 2  Submit Copy of Plans, and The form (Completed and attached)
(Turned in during office hours Mon-Fri 8:00-9:30 am) – Wesley Clark
Step 3

 All restaurants/food service or any food-related regulated facilities listed above must have the form
plan review info sheet (Completed and attached) 

A menu must be included with plans.

Step 4  The establishment must have our review and approval PRIOR to sending to the Department of Housing, Building and Construction, Division of Plumbing
Step 5  To obtain city/county municipal sewer grease trap requirements or sewer tap requirements and fees, please contact the City of Frankfort Sewer Department at 502-875-2448

*Fees for plan review at the Franklin County Health Department are set by the Franklin County Board of Health.  These fees are also based on whether the submittal is a New Construction or a renovation/addition to an existing establishment. 

All plans reviewed will be charged a $100.00 plan review fee.  School plan reviews are fee exempt.

New Construction

  • 4 complete sets of plans are required for new construction. You will receive one approved set of plans back; if you wish to have multiple sets of approved plans back you can submit more plans. Plus a 1 Site Utility Plan, which must show all underground utilities (sewer, septic tank, lateral lines, water, storm sewer, gas, grease trap, electric, etc.).
  • If plans show a sewer manhole, lift station, sewer extensions, tapping into a package treatment plant, or a private water source, then 1 additional set of plans for Division of Water approval must be included.
  • Public swimming pools/spas or any Division of Water approval must include 5 complete sets.
  • All plans with construction being served by a private septic system MUST have a passing/approved site evaluation from the Franklin County Health Department (please see “Septic Systems” on the Environmental Services home page).  A site utility plan must be submitted with the site evaluation application.

Existing Structures

  • 4 sets of plans are required for existing plan approval.

State Plumbing Inspector

      Local Approvals cannot be approved on: Day Care Centers, Nursing Homes, Schools, and Hospitals or on buildings where there is a CHANGE OF USE and any structure requiring Division of Water approval.

      If you are inquiring about the status or requirements for public building plans that the health department DOES NOT REGULATE,
      please contact:

      Kentucky Division of Plumbing
      (502) 573-0397

      Nick McComber
      CELL 859-537-7469

      Office: Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 to 9:30am.
      851 E-W Connector, Frankfort


      More Information:

      Questions concerning plan process, plan review, Contact our Environmental Dept during office hours
      Office Location:  851 East-West Connector, Frankfort, KY 40601
      Driving Directions: When using MapQuest, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, OnStar, Etc
      Use: 100 Moore Drive, Frankfort, KY 40601 Then turn Right for FCHD PHC Building
      Office Hours:  8:00am – 9:30am
      Phone Number: (502) 564 – 7382
      Contact: Wesley Clark (ext 203)

      The Division of Public Health Protection and Safety is located within the Dept. for Public Health and is the Division that supports local environmental health programs.  This Division has five branches that support environmental health activities and programs across the Commonwealth.   For department info:

      Updated: Nov 7, 2023